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Heartbleed Bug is a flaw in the programming on some secure websites that could put your personal information at risk, including passwords, credit card information and e-mails. Your bank account is safe and protected from any unauthorized transactions. Let the bank know immediately if you suspect any unusual activity. We use many different systems to protect our customers' information including rigorous security standards, encryption, and fraud detection software.  It is always good to update your bank password every few months. Also, monitor your account regularly and report suspicious transactions to the bank immediately. Beware of phishing scams - or e-mails with malicious links - that will attempt to get additional sensitive information from you.  First National Bank is monitoring the bug and taking appropriate actions to ensure that is has no impact on our customers.


First National Bank is your full service community bank that has provided Pontotoc County over 110 years of excellent banking service. We have three convenient locations in Pontotoc, one on Main Street, one on Highway 15 North and one in Ecru. It is our goal to continue to provide competitive products, services and community involvement. We strive to honor our motto-"You're important to us, and we prove it!"